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Mono Carton
Mono Cartons

Mono Cartons are essentially single layered cartons of different forms, shapes, sizes and finishes. These cartons can be made of Paperboard or Plastic. They are made to look attractive by special applications of Varnishes, Embossing, Foiling, Laminates, UV effects with or without specialized application of metallized and holographic films. They are used for packing products of FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Garments, Footwear, etc.

Window Patched Boxes

Cartons can be made with transparent or translucent windows by sealing from inside by different types of transparent polyester film of varying thickness. The windows can be of different shapes, varying sizes and may appear on one, two or even three sides of the carton. The products packed in such cartons have a clear visibility without the consumer having to open the carton to see the product inside. Whenever a product is required to be displayed even when it is packed in a carton, the need for window arises which enables the prospective buyer to have a look at the product without exposing it.

Window Patched Boxes1
Blister Card
Blister Cards

Blister Cards are made of paperboards with special blister coatings on the surface. These cards are used for packing products which need to be seen as well as protected from external weather and human contact. Transparent plastic moulds are used to lock the products between the mould and the paper board and the product can only be accessed by tearing apart the packaging. It can also be termed as tamper proof packaging. A few of those products are like Pens, Thermometers, OTC Pharma Products, FMCG, to name a few.

Fluted Cartons

Corrugated cartons are essentially multi-layered and are better known as shipper cartons internationally. These are used to pack products for safety during storage and shipment. The weight of the product / cartons directly determines the number of layers required for shipper cartons. Similarly, the size and shape of the product / cartons too are considered to finalize the optimum shape, size and strength  The strength of the shipper cartons can be ensured both by number of layers and / or flute size. These days fluted cartons are also used to pack Glass Items, Electronics and other delicate items such as Mobile Phones, Perfumes, etc. to avoid damages.

Fluted Cartons
Erected Cartons-1
Erected Cartons

As the name suggests, these are differently shaped Cartons. These cartons are easily stackable one inside the other, thus requiring very less space for storage. These are specially formed Cartons used mainly in the Fast Food Industry. These cartons are formed and pasted in a manner to prevent leakage. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of the item to be served.

Hard Boxes

Rigid box are the latest sensation in the market.

As the name suggest, these are cartons having strength more than corrugated cartons and sleek looks of premium mono cartons. Manufactured with high precision these boxes can be made in various designs and shapes. Premium and high value products are now being packed and marketed in such boxes which gives the product an exclusivity.


Inserts or printed literature carry the information of the product it accompanies and its mode of usage. Inserts are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics industry.


Labels are used by manufacturers to give details of the products, batch nos., manufacturing date, price and product durability information along with information of the marketing and manufacturing companies. Labels can be made on Paper of different types and also in plastic. It can be supplied both in self adhesive and without adhesive as per requirement of the client. The labels can be die cut in different shapes and manufactured both in pieces and in roll form.



We are also capable of the latest printing techniques.

  • Foil printing and Metallic printing
  • Drip off and Texture effect