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Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of CSR in India is not new, the term may be. The process though acclaimed recently, has been followed since ancient times albeit informally.

Philosophers like Kautilya from India and pre-Christian era philosophers in the West preached and promoted ethical principles while doing business. The concept of helping the poor and disadvantaged was cited in much of the ancient literature.

So Nextgen Printers is also committed to building long-term relationships with our business partners based upon mutual respect. We actively seek out business partners who share, and are committed to, our values. Additionally, we take great pride in our talented and dedicated team members, all of whom help to make Nextgen one of the most successful and innovative company in the packaging industry in the eastern region. Our continued success rests on our team members, and we strive hard to ensure a workplace in which all of them are afforded the dignity and respect that they have earned. In order to meet that goal, we are committed to the following practices:

  • We ensure compliance with all applicable labour laws
  • We ensure that our employees’ freedom to associate is respected;
  • We ensure safe working conditions for our employees;
  • We ensure that there is no forced labour of any kind.
  • We ensure that all forms of discrimination are avoided.

We expect our business partners to implement the same practices in order to ensure safe, healthy, and productive workplaces. Nextgen takes its social and ethical responsibilities seriously, and we expect that everyone who contributes to our success also continue to strive for healthy work environments.

We also have a responsibility towards the mother earth.

The major ingredients of environmental CSR are elimination of waste and emissions, maximizing energy efficiency and productivity and minimizing practices that may adversely affect use of natural resources by coming generations.

We at Nextgen realize the importance of environmental initiatives in business development.

Decrease in energy and raw material usage combined with reduced emissions and waste generation can tackle the environmental challenges facing the world.


Make in India is an international marketing campaigning slogan coined by our Hon Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on 25th Sep 2014 to attract business from around the world to invest and manufacture in India. The aim of this campaign is

  • Job creation in India
  • Boosting the national economy of India
  • Converting India into a self reliant country
  • Giving the Indian economy a global recognition
  • Making India a marketing hub for the world

To achieve these objective, 25 sectors have been focused on by our government. Packaging is also one of them.

So, by setting up this most modern plant with a working area of 90000 sqft, Nextgen is trying its best to render a small support to our PM in his vision of Make In India.